Office Hours:

The School Secretary is available in the office during the following times for the payment of fees, telephonic enquiries and for making appointments: 07h45-15h30

The school can be contacted via the following:
Telephone: 021-7902010
Fax: 021-7905456

School Hours:

  • Grade R: 07h45 (til 08h20) to 12h45 – Friday’s end at 12h30
  • Foundation Phase: 07h55 to 13h15
  • Inter-Senior Phase: 07h55 to 14h30
  • Friday closing times:
    • Grade 1-7: 07h55 to 13h25
    • Grade R: 07h45-12h30

Break times:

  • First Break: 10h20 to 10h40
  • Second Break: Foundation Phase – 12h00 to 12h15 / Inter-Senior Phase – 12h40 to 13h00

Unless you are notified to the contrary, school will close at 11h00 for all pupils on the last day of each term.
The School’s perimeter gates will all be locked at 08h10 and 14h40 each day. Parents wishing to collect their children after theese times will have to do so from the Main Gate.

School Fees: Llandudno Primary is a State Aided School. There is no financial aid for maintenance and stationery. The financial support of the pupils is channeled through a system of contributions paid monthly, quarterly or annually. Please phone the school for details.

Music Lessons: Facilities exist for individual lessons in piano, guitar, drums, recorder and voice training by qualified teachers. All music fees are payable in advance and are paid directly to the relevant teacher. We can accommodate a large but limited number of pupils. There is a waiting list for these lessons and pupils who do not make the desired progress will be replaced.

Speech and Remedial Lessons: Qualified teachers are also available on a private lesson/fee basis. Fees are paid directly to the teachers. Contact details can be obtained from the School Secretary.

Reports: Continuous Assessment is made throughout the year. Assessments are based on tests, tasks and projects done during each term. Formal exams are written at the end of the 2nd and 4th terms. Reports are sent out each term. Reports must be signed and returned at the beginning of each new term.

Extra Mural Activities

Facilities exist for a variety of activities. (*) Privately paid activities

Play Ball *
Gymnastics *
Playball *
Art Club
Steel drums *
Club Electron *
Clay Creations *

Cross Country
Ball Skills/Netball
Clay Creations *
Steel drums *
Club Electron *
Art Club*

Please note the following:
– An extramural timetable is sent out at the beginning of each term.
– No activities take place during the first and last week of any term unless otherwise stated.
– ALL children must participate in at least ONE summer and ONE winter activity.
– We expect pupils to wear the regulation sports outfit when representing our school in matches, galas or races.
– Pupils going to or from organized sport should wear their correct sport outfit.


  1. Principal’s Newsletters – Pupils are handed newsletters every 2 to 3 weeks in order to keep parents informed.
  2. Homework Diaries – The homework diary is sent home every day for parents to check and sign.
  3. Test Books – Test books are sent home after every test to keep parents informed of the progress made by the pupil. Tests must be signed and the book returned to school.
  4. Appointments – Parents are given regular opportunities to meet the teachers at Parent Teacher meetings. Should you wish to see either the principal or teacher on another occasion, you are requested to make an appointment in the homework diary or through the secretary. Parents may not interrupt teachers when they are busy in their classrooms.
  5. Absence – When a pupil is absent, a note explaining his absence must be sent to the class teacher. The Secretary can be informed in the morning as an alternative. If Parents are taking pupils out of school during teaching time, then a letter of request must be given to the Principal and the class teacher must be informed.
  6. Change of Address/Telephone Number – It is very important that the school is informed of any change of address or telephone number. Should we need to contact you in the event of an emergency, it is imperative that your contact details are correct and up to date.