School Rules


Pupils Information

    1. No pupil may leave the school grounds without the permission of the Principal.
    2. No pupil is to remain in the school buildings before or after school and/or during breaks unless it is raining. Pupils must then be supervised by a monitor or the teacher.
    3. Pupils must stand when visitors enter the classroom.
    4. Pupils are expected to greet teachers and visitors to the school.
    5. Pupils are expected to keep their classrooms and school premises tidy and not to litter.
    6. Cell phones, Skateboards and Roller blades are not permitted.
    7. Pupils must obey instructions given by Monitors. They are there to help the pupils and the Teachers.
    8. Any behaviour that would bring discredit to our school is not permitted under any circumstances.
    9. Uniform: Pupils must arrive and leave school correctly dressed at all times. A letter of explanation must accompany every pupil with the incorrect uniform.
    10. Hair: Girls – Where hair is shoulder length or longer, it must be tied back using navy blue hair accessories. Boys – Hair must not hang over the ears or the collar.NO pupil may change the natural colour or their hair.
    11. Jewellery: No jewellery may be worn except watches and Medic Alert discs. Girls may wear plain studs or sleepers in pierced ears.
    12. Sport: We expect pupils to participate in at least one summer and one winter sport.
    13. Behaviour: A high standard of behaviour is expected at all times.
      The following activities are NOT permitted under any circumstances:

– Swearing
– Inappropriate Language
– Bullying
– Physical fighting
– Stone throwing
– Smoking
– Chewing gum
– Carrying weapons

REMEMBER: Our school is judged on the appearance and behaviour of EACH pupil. Please do not disappoint us!

Parents Information

When visiting the school, please report to the Secretary’s office FIRST.

  1. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY PARENTS VISIT TEACHERS IN THEIR CLASSROOMS WHILE THEY ARE TEACHING. Please arrange an appointment through the school Secretary. It would also be appreciated if teachers were not disturbed during their tea breaks unless by prior arrangement. Phoning teachers at home should only be done in extreme emergencies. Your co-operation in this regard is appreciated.
  2. By regulation no pupil may be permitted to be transferred to another school without a transfer form, which must be obtained from the principal by submitting written notice of intent.
  3. Please notify the school of any change of address, telephone or cell phone number. This specially applies to working mothers as we need to contact you in the case of an emergency.
  4. PLEASE OBEY THE TRAFFIC RULES WHEN DROPPING OFF OR COLLECTING YOUR CHILD. Do not park on the yellow lines opposite the school gates or in the teachers parking on the paving outside the main entrance to the school. Please do not park on the yellow painted island at the fork to the entrance of Gully Road. Please do not use the main gates as a turning area, as this blocks the flow of traffic in Gully Road. Rather use the area right at the top near the hall as a turning area. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE.

Parent Involvement

Board of Governors
The School Board of Governors, consisting of at least 8 members, is a body elected by the parents of the pupils every three years to govern the school.

Friends of LLandudno
This is the Fund-raising committee of the school. The funds raised by the Friends of Llandudno go towards the upgrading of the school’s existing facilities. All parents are encouraged to join the “Friends” either as full time members or on a sub-committee.