Newsletter 1 of 2017


Dear parents,



We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our new Llandudno pupils and families, and a happy new year to all our returning pupils.

At Llandudno we strive to follow our motto which is embedded in all aspects of our school life. We encourage our pupils to: Be the Best You Can Be.

We also encourage all our families to become involved in the life of the school, the sports, extra-murals, fundraisers and socials.


At Llandudno, we have a warm family spirit and caring ethos and each staff member will always attempt to provide that special care, support and communication with you and your child. As mentioned in the Parent Code of Conduct, we ask you to feel free to communicate with staff via e-mail, if there are concerns, or by making an appointment to meet them or the school management team if you feel your needs are not met.  All our staff are to be addressed by their surnames to encourage respect and appropriateness, and we encourage polite greetings by our pupils to all people who enter the school grounds. We support our staff fully and urge all families to do so too.


Thank you to all our parents for reading and completing all the documents that came home last week. Each family received a policy and ICT pack. This amount of reading and signing will only be required at the beginning of each year. The various reply-slips and forms are particularly important to note and are designed to keep parents au fait with our policies and systems. This will reduce confusion regarding government ruling or our school policy and expectations from our school and parents. Please help us by returning the reply slips this week.


At Llandudno, we have been attempting to reduce the amount of paper we use for communication and therefore we will be placing newsletters and school forms to be completed on the school D6 Communicator as well as emailing them to you. We urge you to download the school D6 Communicator and use it daily. Music lesson application forms, hot dog order forms etc. will also be available digitally.

SMS web provides us with bulk SMS bundles to notify you of last minute sport changes or reminders. Please keep your cell phone with you for these and also notify us of your change of cell number or email address, immediately.


The gate above the school field, called the top gate, will only open at 7:15am on school days for children to enter the school. We do not wish to open it earlier for safety reasons and the fact that it is still quite dark for many months of the year. Please drop your child at the main gate if he /she comes to school early. Under no circumstances may children climb over the fence to enter the school at any point.


All school sport starts this week at Llandudno and at Dominican Grimley for the senior children. All pupils from Grade 1 must take part in at least 1 core sport per season. The core sports are: soccer, swimming, cricket and netball. Tennis, water polo, and squash are secondary school sports which may be taken if pupils have signed up for the core sports.


There will be a school governing body by –election held at 6pm on Tuesday 24 January. Parents may nominate suitable parent candidates to stand by fetching and using a nomination form available at the school reception. One parent place is available as a member has stepped down. We are particularly looking for a parent member to assist in the school sports and legal portfolios as these areas have not been officially filled for some time. All the other areas are filled. Parents are asked to contact Mr Rob Williamson or Mrs Erasmus to find out more about the role of an SGB member, and meeting and training obligations. We urgently require all parents to return their completed registration forms.


The first very important meeting for parents will be held on Wednesday 18 January at 6:00pm. At this meeting in the hall, you will be able to get a brief overview of the year’s events and socials followed by a visit to the classroom to hear how your child’s teacher engages with the class and the expectations for the year. Personal discussions will need a private appointment.


As in the past, we will be holding a parent forum for parents to discuss any concerns they may have or to come up with new ideas or suggestions about any aspects of school life. The date is Thursday 26 January at 6:00pm. Please email your questions or ideas to Mrs Erasmus at: by Tuesday 24 January so that the staff can be prepared to answer your questions fully.


We welcome a past pupil, Miss Sam Granger, and cousin of Thomas and Kira Hofmeyr, to Llandudno as the Grade 3 classroom assistant this term. Sam has recently graduated from Stellenbosch in Social Sciences with a Distinction and is already proving to be a wonderful asset and a welcome pair of hands in the room.


We have two exciting fundraisers lined up for this term. Please diarise these dates and more details will follow soon in adverts:

Thursday 23 February – Welcome” White Nights” cocktail evening at Llandudno Surf Life Saving Club from 6:00 – 9:00pm.  All parents, especially new parents, are invited to attend.

Saturday 11 March from 11:00am -5:00pm –The ‘Shipwreck’ themed beach carnival also held at the Llandudno Surf Life Saving Club venue, as well on Llandudno Beach for the whole family. This is a family carnival held each year and promises to be a fabulous day in the sun with good food, games, music and great vibes.


We will be offering conversational Xhosa to Grade R and 1 classes. If your child in the higher grades from Grade 2 to 4 would like to attend one of the private extra-mural options offered, please complete the reply-slip that was mailed to you today and is also on the Llandudno School Communicator.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of the School Governing Body and all Llandudno staff to wish all our families a wonderful first term and a super 2017 in every way.

D E Erasmus