Computer Club

In general, ESPORTS on a greater scale, is competitive video gaming, where people play against each other in online/networked arena’s for cash prizes. There is a huge future in online gaming with the current prize for first place in the DOTA 2 pool sitting at 24.7 Million USD. At Llandudno Primary, we are always looking at improving our education practices and providing the children with skills which are widely used in the working world. ESPORTS is on the rise in Africa and we are looking into becoming one of the first Primary schools to bring ESPORTS as an extracurricular activity. As most games have a 12+ age restriction, we have done extensive investigations into finding a game which will suit our needs as well as suit the age bracket we are educating. Please note that no children will be allowed to play any games with which does not come with an age restriction of 7+. Children will only be accepted if ESPORTS club does not clash with their sports or extra lessons programme.
Years old Gr 5 - Gr 7
Class size 15
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