Extra Art

The extra mural art classes at Llundudno Primary are creative and fun. Children get to use different media in new and exciting ways. Each term has at least four or five new projects, using different mediums and tools. Through playful exercises, children learn the basic art and drawing lessons and are taught different techniques. The children are encouraged to create art without judgement either from the teacher, fellow students and most importantly themselves. The atmosphere in the classroom is bright, relaxed, playful and happy, a safe haven, where one is able to create and discover one’s own creativity. The teacher, Paula Verfaille has taught art at Llandudno Primary for more than ten years and many of her students have gone on to do art as a subject for matric and even university or college. Paula also teaches adult and children’s art classes at her studio Art Haven, in Hout Bay.
Years old Private
Class size 15
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