Grade 7 is a special year for all learners as it is not only the final year at primary school, but also preparation for High school. Adding to this, it is also a year during which a great deal of personal and  physical development takes place. I endeavour to move away from simple true/false type situations and start looking more towards in-depth research and discovery. Therefore there are many projects which involve research – often by means of avenues like the internet, in order to broaden knowledge and learning. I make much use of video clips in order to solidify knowledge and new information, e.g. when we look at natural disasters I would actually show visuals of, say, volcanoes, etc. We often make use of  Google Chromebooks in class to do individual research. These type of visuals are dynamic and change from time to time and from year to year.
Years old 13
Class durantion 08:00 - 14:30
Class staff 1 Teacher
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