Gym Wizards

These classes provide a perfect combination of fun and fitness and includes pre-schooler level tumbling, flexibility, strength, co-ordination, balance and development of age appropriate skills. Children practice locomotor skills such as jogging, galloping, skipping, hopping, chasses and the motor skills of rolling, jumping, landing and hand-eye/foot-eye co-ordination. We use age appropriate equipment and work on tumbling [floor mats] and mini trampolines.  Crossing the midline [bilaterality]  Special awareness, body awareness  Important perceptual and gross motor skills for this development stage  Strengthening muscle tone  Improving concentration  Balance and proprioception  Co-ordination and Agility  Rhythm Grade 1-7 These classes are designed to help each child develop all the basic tumbling gymnastics skills.  Each child is encouraged to progress through the skills and drills at their own pace. Children work through our scientific six step tumbling syllabus which has 6 levels. Each level takes about 1 year to master but individual children may take longer or shorter depending on their ability as well as the amount of time they practice! The basic physical and thinking skills that gymnastics and motor development involve, promote not only strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and agility, but also develop important thought-processes and perceptual patterns that will be very important in your child’s other intellectual/physical pursuits that are necessary in both school and other sports.
Years old R - Gr 7
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