The school teachers as well as the private coach, Patrick van Niekerk and his team manage our school soccer. Grades R and 1 boys practice together on Mondays in the earlier session and Grades 2 and 3 practice in the later one. The Foundation Phase boys have two practices per week and enter in the Atlantic U9 mini-soccer league. Weekly matches are played at the Green Point Cricket Club and our two teams, comprising of Grade 2 and 3 boys (and sometimes talented Grade 1 players) do well each week, improving their skills and team playing as the season progresses. We enjoy the seven-a side tournament at Kronendal and the Derby Day at Camps Bay where we get to show off our skills. U11 practices are on a Thursday and matches are on a Tuesday. Matches are always played at Away venues so lifts are always required. The practices are held at the Dominican Grimley school field. We also participate in at least two tournaments per season – the Camps Bay Derby Day and the Kronendal 7-a – side Soccer Tournament. Usually we have a good team which wins more games than it loses. A few years back the U11 Team went unbeaten all season. Soccer seems to make our lads keen and enthusiastic participants. Mr Trumble manages U11 soccer U13 practice takes place on Tuesdays at Dominican Grimley School and matches are played on Thursdays – these are always played Away. Our team is normally very strong and we were unbeaten last year. U13 Soccer is managed by Mr Pienaar.
Years old u9-u13
Class size 30
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