Community Outreach

Eco Club

Llandudno Primary has continued to do extremely well in their quest to stay green.

This year’s focus has been on Biodiversity. The eco club has been learning about Biodiversity and applying their knowledge to the environment around them. This includes maintaining our vegetable garden and worm farm and ensuring that the rest of the school continues to use the three-bin system and save water and electricity.

We are very proud of our school as we have really upped our game and have continued to stay green. We would like to thank Mr Coetzee and the ground staff as well as the eco club learners for all their efforts in making Llandudno such a green school.

Community Outreach

We support a number of local charities every year.

Every Thursday a different class provides nutritious sandwiches and fruit for the children at Sentinel Primary.

We have a civvies day once a term and organisations like DARG, REACH FOR A DREAM, RED CROSS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL and TEKKIE TEX receive the money collected on that day.

We have made Easter baskets and provided easter eggs for the Foundation Phase children at Sentinel Primary.

We have collected clothes and delivered them to the Hangberg community.

The Grade 4 class visited Darg in the second term to see the valuable wok they do for our community and the children donated food and money to this worthy cause.

This term the Grade 6’s and 7’s will be providing Christmas goodie boxes for the children of Dominican Grimley school.

Our Mandela Day initiative was providing blankets and books for various organisations.

The blankets were donated to James House and distributed to the wider community.

The books were given to 3 creches in the area as well as to Sentinel Primary.

We continue to encourage empathy and compassion in our children to build a better place for all the people of South Africa.