The Grade R pupils take part in the school sports programme. In the summer month tennis is offered after school and swimming within the school day. In the winter months the boys and girls can both take part in soccer. We also have gymnastics with a private coach, Ruby Isaacs from Gym Wizards within the school day and an exciting 40-minute Physical Education lesson with our coaches from Sports Hub.


Swimming: our main summer sport.

Swimming is offered to all the grades.

The LPS teachers, together with the very professional coaches from Cara Lee Splash school, coach swimming. We make use of our Llandudno school pool as well as Dominican Grimley’s school pool for training. Pupils have class swimming within their school day in the summer months and it is offered after school as a school sport. We have different practice sessions on offer for the seniors according to the pupil’s individual capability level. Pupils swim in inter-house, as well as inter-school galas as well.

Water Polo:

This very exciting sport is played by Grade 4 to Grade 7 pupils. Pupils play in matches as part of an U13 league which means that the older players participate in matches while the younger ones still come to grips with the basic skills of the game. The girls play separately to the boys at matches and the matches take place at various schools around the Peninsula. We have two coaches that train the pupils on a Monday, Tuesday and a Thursday. The girls’ matches take place on a Wednesday and the boys matches are played on a Friday. Every year, two teams of 12 players attend a water polo festival in Knysna which is usually the highlight of the year.


Junior cricket: The Grade 2 and 3 boys make up our U9A and B teams. The Foundation Phase boys enjoy weekly cricket practices on Mondays during the first and fourth term. Patrick van Niekerk and Craig – our coaches – use fun drills, competitions and games to assist our children in acquiring the skills for cricket. Our Grade 2 and 3 boys are entered into the Atlantic league and weekly matches are played every Tuesday at the Green Point Cricket Club. In the past, we have been invited to play at Sahara Park Newlands for fun mini-cricket tournaments hosted by KFC – the sponsors of mini-cricket in South Africa.

Senior cricket: The U11 boys have cricket practices on a Tuesday on the school field from 4-5pm under the watchful guidance of coach Craig. Mr Trumble is the manager of the team. Matches are played on a Wednesday. The games last 20 Overs per side and are always Away fixtures. Once the boys reach U12 or older they have the option of joining a combined H.B. International School team and it is on the understanding that the main Llandudno summer sports (swimming and water polo) take preference over participation in another school’s cricket team.


Llandudno makes use of the tennis courts next door to the school at the Llandudno Sports Club. Tennis is offered to all pupils in Grades 1-7. The school teachers, parents, and a private coach Mr Bruce Launder, coach tennis. Tennis is played socially and not at a competitive level. Pupils really enjoy their lessons and working on their technique and skills.

WINTER SPORTS: Winter sports are played in the second and third terms.

Netball: our main winter sport for girls.

Netball is offered to all the girls in Grades 2-7 during the winter terms. We make use of the courts at Llandudno Sports Club and the grade 6 and 7 girls practise on a Monday. The grade 2 – 5 girls practise on Tuesdays. Practises are 1hour per session. We have weekly matches on Wednesdays. The girls learn many new skills during these sessions and have lots of fun playing matches against other schools.

Soccer: our main winter sports for boys.

The school teachers as well as the private coach, Patrick van Niekerk and his team manage our school soccer.

Grades R and 1 boys practice together on Mondays in the earlier session and Grades 2 and 3 practice in the later one. The Foundation Phase boys have two practices per week and enter in the Atlantic U9 mini-soccer league.

Weekly matches are played at the Green Point Cricket Club and our two teams, comprising of Grade 2 and 3 boys (and sometimes talented Grade 1 players) do well each week, improving their skills and team playing as the season progresses.

We enjoy the seven-a side tournament at Kronendal and the Derby Day at Camps Bay where we get to show off our skills.

U11 practices are on a Thursday and matches are on a Tuesday. Matches are always played at Away venues so lifts are always required. The practices are held at the Dominican Grimley school field. We also participate in at least two tournaments per season – the Camps Bay Derby Day and the Kronendal 7-a – side Soccer Tournament. Usually we have a good team which wins more games than it loses. A few years back the U11 Team went unbeaten all season. Soccer seems to make our lads keen and enthusiastic participants. Mr Trumble manages U11 soccer

U13 practice takes place on Tuesdays at Dominican Grimley School and matches are played on Thursdays – these are always played Away. Our team is normally very strong and we were unbeaten last year. U13 Soccer is managed by Mr Pienaar.


Squash is offered to the Grade 5-7 pupils at two levels: beginner and squad. Squash is played at the Llandudno Club’s courts next to the school. Llandudno is fortunate enough to have the services of an outstanding squash coach, Andre Naude and the more advanced squad players have been competing in the WP Squash Primary Schools League for the last 18 years.

Squash is a well-supported and popular sport at Llandudno which prepares our pupils for joining the thriving Llandudno Squash and Tennis Club and the adults social and competitive league for ladies or men. Mrs Erasmus is the squash sport coordinator and match team manager.


Hockey is played socially on Friday afternoons directly after school in the winter terms. Sandy Mattison and Bridget Beaton, two keen ex-hockey playing mothers, run the coaching programme with the emphasis on fun and learning the basics of the game of hockey. All Grades 4 -7 are welcome to join in.