Learner Support

Children who are finding mastery of certain skills in the classroom difficult, are given support at Llandudno Primary in a number of ways.

· Each phase meets twice per term to discuss how to help learners experiencing

difficulties . The class teachers are guided by the team of teachers in ways to assist the child.

· The children attend extra lessons after school to help them gain greater confidence in a particular area of difficulty. These are usually given by the class teacher.

· We also have the support of professional therapists at Llandudno.

  • Mrs Jo Labouchere, a remedial specialist, takes the children individually once or twice per week to give him/her support in reading, spelling or maths. Jo as she is fondly known, prepares fun and interesting lessons that the children enjoy, while working on the skills needed for reading, writing or maths. Regular feedback is given to both the child’s teacher and parents.
  • Our Occupational therapist Nicola Cilliers helps children with fine or gross motor difficulties as well as pupils who have sensory integration or visual perceptual difficulties. After careful consultation – a class screening, a thorough assessment and feedback to the parents- weekly sessions at school or at the practice in Hout Bay take place. Comprehensive reports are given and goals are set to help the child develop optimal learning capabilities.
  • Our Speech Therapist Gaby Kaplan assists children with speech and language issues. Lisps and other speech impediments, expressive language difficulties and auditory skills development are all areas of her expertise. Children are seen at school and regular updates or concerns are communicated with both class teachers and parents.
  • Foundations For Life has been part of our school for a number of years. Every new year a social and emotional assessment (DESSA) is completed by the class teacher for each child and they are rated on a number of emotional and social competencies. Many needs that present themselves from the DESSA assessment are dealt with in the classroom through the life skills program. Should a class require group counselling to help with inter personal relationships, The Foundations for Life team run sessions with regular feedback to parents and teachers

Remedial, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Foundations for Life are all private entities and each practitioner has their own rates per session.

We have a team approach at Llandudno Primary and support our pupils in every way we can.