21st Century Learning


When the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) decided to add coding to the CAPS curriculum in 2020, the school decided to take matters a step further by introducing the Drone Blocks system.

Coding, operating a drone, building a drone and studying the many uses of a drone will all form part of the curriculum, taking computer studies to the next level.

We always strive to stay ahead of the curve and decided to incorporate coding into our computer classes, which the children attend twice a week. In the current age, technology is everything and coding exists in some form in almost every piece of technology.

Llandudno Primary School has become the first government primary school in the country to adopt the Drone Blocks system. Coding has been introduced to Grade 4 to 7 pupils at the school.

By introducing the coding to our pupils at such a young age, we aim to provide them with a skill set which will enable them to create and build their own systems, games and even obtain their drone pilot’s licence and assist in some of the many projects taking off in South Africa with regards to drones.

We will be interspersing the coding lessons with the computer basic lessons to make sure that our pupils receive all the training they need. We hope to incorporate some of the skills learnt in other school subjects in future.

Minecraft Education

At Llandudno Primary we have brought Minecraft Education into the classroom. With Minecrafts brilliant coding tools, learners are able to learn coding while having fun.

Minecraft Educations Lesson mode enables the learners to be in “class” and in the virtual world at the same time. There are a vast array of lessons available online, from English to Science. With Minecraft Education we are able to do science lessons while having fun.

3D Printing

Llandudno Primary has invested in the purchasing of a 3D Printer. This enables us to teach a different aspect of design and technology. With the ability of being able to build anything you can 3D model, the imagination runs wild.

Interactive Lessons

Llandudno prides itself on being a technology forward school. We have Interactive whiteboards in every class, which brings the “work alive”.  In the Senior phases, learners use Windows and Android tablets in the class to perform various activities, such as, research, entrepreneurship games and Kahoot – an online quiz platform where the teacher can create questionnaires/tests.