LPS Astro Opening

 As we all know, Llandudno has the best beach in South Africa, the best sunsets and a lot more bests in the country but sadly we have longed for a good green grassy field and so at last and in line with current water wise thinking, Llandudno Primary has taken a bold decision to invest its resources into acquiring an Astro turf for the school Summer and Winter sports coaching programme.

After 3 months of soil preparation and inconvenience we finally have our own beautiful brilliant green field, and the children are all enjoying it enormously.

We are able to play soccer, hockey, tag rugby, dodge ball and all manner of  fun games throughout the day.

Our school is very proud of our new and good looking turf and invite everyone interested to come along to our grand opening on our field on Saturday 4 August from 9 -1pm.

We will be launching a  R100 ticket draw towards our Astro turf costs in the next few days and on Saturday 4 August the tickets sold so far will be entered into a lucky draw. We will continue to drive the Astro fund for the next year and continue to sell tickets and the big prize of R10 000, once we’ve met our target, will be drawn at a big school function in 2019.