Parent Body

Neil Hellmann – – Chairman

Chris Steward –

Jody Aufrichtig –

Karin Neill –

Grant Berndsen –

Teaching body

Denise Erasmus –

Sue Beukes –

Angela Mihal –

Kara Bruins –

What does the SGB do?

The SGB is the School Governing Body

Questions and Answers

The governing body is responsible for determining the aims and the overall vision of the school, and it holds the Vision and the Mission Statement of the school “in trust”.

Together with the staff, the governing body sets and reviews school policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the provision of high-quality education for present and future learners including subjects offered within WCED selection for high schools, extra murals and sports offered.

It is also responsible for the care and development of the property/ buildings of the school, and may allow the use of the premises by outsiders if it is in the interests of the school to do so.

No, the school principal and management team manage the school on a day to day basis.