Denise Erasmus


I like to innovate new and exciting teaching trends embracing digital technology and social and emotional learning at Llandudno and to foster a love of learning in a fun way while  keeping things small, personal as part of our Llandudno family. I am an active person who loves learning, exploring and travelling in all its facets and so enjoy travelling to find out about other educational systems, to explore interesting and remote destinations and cultures.

Gerhard Myburgh

Deputy Principal - Senior Primary HOD

My long and varied teaching career in South Africa and abroad has been highlighted by many enriching experiences working alongside management, colleagues, learners and parents from diverse backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and getting to know my pupils and helping them find their strengths and talents. I enjoy travelling, gardening and spending time in nature, and especially taking long walks along the beach with my family and our pampered dog. I have 3 wonderful grown up children, twin sons and a daughter. I am grateful and excited to be part of the Llandudno Primary Family.

Lauren Lazo

Grade R Teacher

I was born and bred in Cape Town, and graduated from the University of Cape Town with my BSocSci (English Literature & Psychology) and Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Foundation Phase. I am an avid reader and consider myself a bookworm. My favourite genre would have to be fiction and fantasy, which I think stems from my wild imagination and creative side. Think shows in my love of art in any form! Although, my strengths definitely lie in graphic design and visual art. If you were to ask any of my family or friends, they would tell you that teaching is the perfect fit for me because I rather young and child-like at heart.

Libby Bailey

Grade 1 Teacher

I enjoy an active lifestyle with my family, cycling, running and kayaking. I have spent many holidays camping in the Richtersveld, Kgalagadi, Namibia, Botswana and The Transkei. I have ridden pillion on a motorbike off road to Sutherland and I have completed the Cape Town cycle tour 11 times on a tandem bicycle. I love the expanse and beauty and freedom of wild remote places. I am committed to South Africa and Nelson Mandela is my role model.

Sue Beukes

Grade 2 Teacher

I enjoy the simple things in life. I like seeing other people happy and enjoy spending time with children and the elderly. I love discussing environmental topics with children and teaching them how to be a planet warrior. I am passionate about my work and find it very rewarding. During my “me time’’ you’ll find me spending time with my husband, reading a book, watching a movie, eating chocolate or in the garden at home.

Bianca Wight

Grade 3 Teacher

I am an understanding, kind and loving person. I am sensitive towards others and consider myself a good teacher who works hard and keeps trying to better herself. I absolutely love nature and my favourite thing to do is go to the beach and swim!

Staci Herbst

Grade 4 Teacher

I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends. I have a love for travel and enjoy exploring new places. In my grade 4 classroom, I try to create a positive, enjoyable environment, where students feel welcome and comfortable, with a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. We learn through having fun and incorporating modern technology where possible, mostly through use of the interactive whiteboard.

Kate McAlery

Grade 5 teacher

I enjoy being active and spending time with my family and friends. I am passionate and dedicated and enjoy the daily life of being a teacher. My objective in the classroom is to make learning fun and to extend learners making way for differentiation. All learners have different strengths and the aim is to promote growth and development within each individual learner so that they can have the best possible learning experience.

Anna-Marie Hanekom

Grade 6 Teacher

I live for the ‘a-ha’ moments - the moments when everything falls into place, the moments when they (my students) realise they can do it and we can celebrate their success. I would like to think that I guide learning vs the traditional way of teaching. I don’t give answers, I give tools - because if you have the tool to solve one problem, you can solve the next. I want to create a curiosity for life in my students, I want them to have questions and if I can instill in them a love for learning - I have done my job. I am fortunate enough to have my family in Cape Town and Sunday lunches are still a family affair. My brothers and I have taken up mountain biking, or if they are looking for some entertainment I will even get an invite for a round of golf. Although I can be very outgoing and expressive, I recharge my batteries with a good book and a good view. 

Jarred Ronnenbergh

Grade 7 Teacher

I am a true nature lover and spend as much time as I can in the ocean surfing, or hiking on our beautiful mountains. Music is one of my biggest passions. I have been working in the music industry as a sound engineer and technician for the past 14 years, touring the world with some of SA’s top bands. I am currently the sound engineer for Matthew Mole and Jeremy Loops. I thoroughly enjoy working at shows whenever I'm not teaching. My beautiful wife, Lauren, is also a teacher and we have an African gray parrot, named Dax, who talks non-stop and keeps us entertained daily. I strive to always give my all in every aspect of life and to take full advantage of each opportunity that comes my way.

Angela Mihal

Maths Teacher

I have taught at Llandudno School for the past 20 years. I always try to make my lessons as interesting as possible in order to hold children’s attention. Over the years I have had to change many teaching methods because, as technology has improved, so I have had to learn new things to use with the modern pupil. I am very involved with sport because exercise has always been a priority in my own life. I used to be a runner for many years but now I am an ardent hiker and walker. Family walks on the mountain with my husband and daughters, and our awesome dog is what I love to do. When not walking, I am not reading a book, usually a biography of someone I find interesting.

Darren Osborn

Computer Teacher

As the school computer teacher, I have the privilege of teaching every learner in the school. I love the weekly interaction with students of all ages and most of all, I really enjoy getting to teach them all about computers and how technology can help them in life while being fun at the same time. From general computer skills to coding and even flying drones, we do it all.

Michelle Pearce

Music Teacher

I am an enthusiastic, hardworking music therapist, teacher and performer. I have experience in the music and production industry. My primary instruments are: Flute, Saxophone and piano. I have a love for the outdoor life which I enjoy with my husband and my two dogs.

Thuli Ketshem

Thuli is a stalwart of our grade R's and her love and care for the grade R's each year is reciprocated by them having a love for her too. Thuli has a great deal of patience and that goes a long way with helping or grade R's.

Krysten Jackson

FP Librarian and Learner Support

Mrs Jackson is a key figure in grade 2 and she is a great help to Mrs Beukes. She is incredibly friendly and wants the best for everyone she meets. This transfers over to the care she gives the learners in the foundation phase.

Kaylagh MacFarlane

Grade 3 Stand in Teacher

Miss Macfarlane is a rockstar of our foundation phase. Her constant energy and enthusiasm is loved by her children and the staff. Not only is she a good teacher but she is also very involved in our sports program at LPS and heads up our netball at the school.

Garrow Coetzee

Estate Manager

Mr Coetzee heads up our support team and is an integral part of the day to day running of the school. Mr Coetzee has creatively designed and built a number of structures at our school including cupboarding throughout many classrooms and he has refurbished work and play areas to be more functional at our school. His covid safe designed classrooms and venues have made us feel safe returning to school. Mr Coetzee and his team are constantly modernising and beautifying our old heritage building to be the great school we are so proud of.

Support Staff

This team is the backbone of LPS. They keep us running and keep our school looking great. We love having them as part of our team and are ever grateful for all they do. Pictured (left to right): Rachel, Ashlyn, Efron, Pamela, Diss and Patrick (Security).