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Anna-Marie Hanekom

I live for the ‘a-ha’ moments – the moments when everything falls into place, the moments when they (my students) realise they can do it and we can celebrate their success. I would like to think that I guide learning vs the traditional way of teaching. I don’t give answers, I give tools – because if you have the tool to solve one problem, you can solve the next. I want to create a curiosity for life in my students, I want them to have questions and if I can instill in them a love for learning – I have done my job.

I am fortunate enough to have my family in Cape Town and Sunday lunches are still a family affair. My brothers and I have taken up mountain biking, or if they are looking for some entertainment I will even get an invite for a round of golf. Although I can be very outgoing and expressive, I recharge my batteries with a good book and a good view.