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Sue Beukes

My name is Susan Beukes. Most people call me Sue. I enjoy the simple things in life. I like seeing other people happy and enjoy spending time with children and the elderly. I currently live in Edgemead with a fantastic view of Table Mountain. The green trees and quietness around me probably nudged me towards my love for nature. I love discussing environmental topics with children and teaching them how to be a planet warrior. I am passionate about my work and find it very rewarding. For this reason, I will continue teaching as long as I can.

During my very precious “me time’’ you’ll find me spending time with my husband, reading a book, watching a movie, eating chocolate or currently in the garden at home.

Losing my parents (mom, stepdad and dad) to three different illnesses has helped me realise how important my church family is. It has also taught me that despite the hard blows in life, I am happy to be me because I am not perfect, but unique. Just like everyone else.

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